Week 4 Lecture Pod…

The week 4 lecture is based on ‘Instructional Design’ and explores the importance of creating designs that show you ‘how to do something’ or to explain ‘How something works’.

We are confronted with instructions in our everyday life, the user determines whether the design is successful based on the experience they endure. The pod explains that in order to create successful instructional designs designers need to find that fine line between complexity and simplicity. If the design is to complicated the user becomes frustrated causing a bad experience, however if the design is to simple the instructions become useless.

As designers create instructional designs they constantly consider the ‘cognitive load theory’ which refers to the ‘working memory’. The ‘working memory’ is a process of how individuals manipulate information that is stored in our short term memory. The short term memory unit is limited, depending on the individual it could be more than others.

Therefore the split effect is not ideal or effective for instructional designs.

Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Cognitive Load [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661
This structure causes the viewer to remember to many things at once that overloads their memory. By using ‘Proximity’ the layout may appear more messy, however effective as the labels are closely placed with the diagram.

Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Cognitive Load [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661

Kinds of interaction

By intellectual Alberto Cairo we are to identify and understand the interactive experiences. All four categories are utilised differently based on the purpose.


By clicking buttons we are telling the users where to go and where they can go.

Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Instruction [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661


Back and forth dialogue with the interactive.

For example allowing the user to choose to put their details in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.07.48 pm
Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Conversation [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661


drag and drop elements

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.09.05 pm
Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Manipulation [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661


openly playful, game like interactions

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.11.19 pm
Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Explorations [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661
Challenges and Opportunities that designers need to take into consideration.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.12.47 pm
Image: Cmielewski, L. (2016). Challenges and opportunities [photograph]. Retrieved from HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/159655661

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