Week 9 Studio…


Image: L, T. (2017). Logo Design [illustration].

In this studio lesson we were to be in groups so we were able to critique and review each others logo’s and titles for our final app designs. This allowed us to see how others reacted to our designs but also to see if there were any areas we needed to improve on. With a handout sheet we were to fill out the projects purpose and the meanings we wanted to convey to our targeted users.

Here is a quick summary of my projects purpose.


With another handout sheet the other group members were to score and further assess my logo design. Due to my un-attendance in this lesson i was unable to receive feedback from my classmates; however i asked my family members and also used feedback from my tutor for this evaluation.


Through this exercise i was able to see what areas i needed to focus and further improve on for my logo to communicate the purpose of my project’s intentions.







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