Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian

About Me

Hello there my name is Leah Tavita and i am aspiring to become an graphic designer. I love things all creative and at a young age i fell in love with fine art.

As times change and tech evolves i began exploring the world of digital art and realised that i could use my skills as a painter and drawer in design. One of the reasons i chose design as a career was having the ability to communicate fun, quirky, emotive messages in varies forms with the public. Being apart of this network where you’re able to connect and share with others i found pretty awesome.



About Blog

This blog is a showcase of reflections and summaries based on weekly lecture pods that discuss the elements of interactive digital media. This blog is an online document where weekly posts are made. Each post explores the lectures pods main key points and also classwork is posted during the semester. This blog is to help my development of creating an online presence but also de-brief and grasp the content of interactive digital media. The blog helps me better understand the content but also provide insight for other viewers.